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Our Proven Methodology

Finding a new position requires focused research, an organized approach and a systematic search process. At Fairway Consulting Group, we invest the time to understand your needs, your values and your goals. We work with you to clarify your objectives and your job requirements. We know that people who thrive in one company may not necessarily thrive in another so we make sure that we match you to the character and culture of a new organization.

If you are expecting too much – or too little – we tell you before it’s too late. In the course of asking and listening, we develop a partnership with you, and we design a targeted plan for your job search.

Candidate contact

Our clients trust us to find the right candidates to fill their positions. After careful research and through our many contacts in the pharma/biotech industry, we identify outstanding candidates like you and contact them on a direct, personal basis. We examine your qualifications against comprehensive profiles developed during the planning stage with the client. Only when a strong mutual interest is determined does the process continue.

Presentation to the client

Before you are presented for our clients’ consideration, we help you prepare for the interview. We coach you, we provide helpful company information, and we also assist in scheduling and monitoring the interview process.

The decision and the offer

While you alone make the decision on whether to accept a job offer, we assist you during this critical stage by facilitating communications on compensation, relocation and benefits. We also help you through the emotional process of resigning your present position and dealing with counteroffers.

Ongoing relationship

Our goal is to place you with an organization where your career can thrive and where you can make a real difference. At Fairway Consulting Group we do not consider a search successful unless this goal has been accomplished.